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Sardinia Concrete introduces Custom Colors™ — the only engineered system of integral color to meet Sardinia’s standards for consistent quality and reliability.

Exclusively available through Sardinia Concrete — Custom Colors provide a colorful, beautiful, durable upgrade to ordinary concrete. Custom Colors help you transform the proven durability of concrete into an exciting medium of color and beauty. Plus, Custom Colors adds value to the home, both now and at resale time.

Custom Colors uses a state of the art color system that produces durable and structurally sound architectural colored concrete for vertical or horizontal construction. Custom Colors are suitable for all types of colored concrete projects from floors and hard landscapes to cast in place or pre-cast structural components.


Sardinia Concrete introduces

  • A rich, diverse color palette
  • Evenly dispersed, uniform, streak-free color throughout the mix
  • Repeatability — batch-to-batch and project-to-project
  • Superior, permanent coloring
  • Increased concrete strength at all ages

The wide selection of popular standard concrete colors create. warm reds and golds as well as cool browns and grays. Custom matched concrete colors also can be ordered.