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Why settle for “standard grade” concrete when you can have the value-added beauty and drama of Custom Colors by Sardinia Concrete — the art of color, the strength of stone in any concrete project including:

Driveways • Pool Decks
• Patios • Garage & Basement Floors
• Walkways • Retaining Walls

Introducing Custom Colors — the only concrete coloring system that can provide the consistent, reliable beauty, strength and quality that you’ve come to expect from Sardinia Concrete.

Sardinia Concrete is now your only local source for this superior coloring method. A proven, engineered system of INTEGRAL liquid coloring admixtures and a patent pending dispensing system that delivers consistent quality and color match, batch after batch.


 Beauty & Value — Custom Colors are available in 50 standard colors and 690 extended variations. Custom blends are also available. Colored concrete not only adds beauty and curb appeal, but adds real value to the home — now and at resale.

  Durability — Because Custom Colors by Sardinia Concrete is an engineered system of integral color — with permanent color blended evenly throughout the mix — you get consistent, streak-free color and beauty through the pour. The color stays constant despite the effects of wear.

  Applications — From slab projects such as driveways, walks and floors, to vertical surfaces such as walls, columns and even stucco — any application calling for a hard surface can be improved and beautified with Custom Colors.

  Finishes — Custom Colors has all the great properties of concrete, plus the added benefit of beauty all the way through the pour. You can apply any finish you would to standard concrete, including broomed, troweled, stamped, or polished textures. In addition, we offer matching cures and sealants that are engineered to work with our concrete colors.

  Quality Control — Unlike powdered colorant systems, Custom Colors uses permanent liquid admixtures that provide evenly dispersed, uniform, streak-free color throughout the mix. Our unique, color-calibrated dispensing system ensures perfectly matching color, even in small and following batches.