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Sardinia Concrete Company is committed to providing the highest degree of safety and hazard-free working conditions to our employees, visitors and the general public.

Sardinia Concrete Company provides safety programs that are accepted by management and employees, and strive to keep the program updated and current.

Sardinia Concrete Company's safety program adheres to all Federal, State, and Local regulations as they pertain to our particular jobs in the construction and maintenance industry. Several management personnel have attended the OSHA 30 hour training course and have been certified as OSHA competent. The safety of our employees is a prime concern to management. All members of management recognize that safety is an integral part of their job duties. We make every effort to train all our personnel in all facets of safety and the safety program. Management is open to any suggestions, which will help improve the safety of our employees. Safety is simply good business. Good for our employees and good for the company.



The prevention of injuries is of the utmost importance and a key ingredient to the continued success and growth of our company and the health and welfare of our employees. We urge all of our employees to join with us in committing to make Sardinia Concrete the safest possible work place.

Sardinia Concrete also is committed to making our company a Drug Free Workplace.

We adhere to all Federal, State, and Local regulations regarding "random drug and alcohol testing."